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SEO Tools Overview

If you are interested in being tops at search engine marketing, you are going to need to develop your personal preferred toolset.  Tools come in a number of forms and cover a number of areas.  Tools can be

  • Built as toolbars for Firefox (mainly) and Internet Explorer
  • Plugins for Firefox
  • Internet Services
  • Desktop Plugins or Applications

Tools can focus on different aspects of SEO.  I have found the following ten categories useful for grouping tools

  • General Purpose Tools
  • Site Architecture and Site Performance
  • Web Development
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Analytics and Performance
  • Mobile
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • International SEO

 I list the tools in alphabetical order at the end, but the following is a matrix of the tools by category and platform

 Table of My Favorite SEO Tools

Table of My Favorite SEO Tools - Part 2


SEO Tools List

Foxy SEO Tool

Type: FireFox Browser ToolBar
Category Multi-purpose Toolbar
Unique Features:  
Compatibility:  Firefox 2.0 or higher
Overall Ranking: